Fall Is Here(sort of) With Shredded Pork Sandwiches and A Friday Workout!

Happy Friday!!  We’re gearing up for a pretty low key weekend, which is insanely exciting, which means we’re getting old.  I used to look forward to activity, now a lazy rainy cool Saturday morning makes me giddy.  Especially when it’s been as hot as well, you know.

Yesterday I made dinner for a friend, and landed on the Pioneer Woman Dr. Pepper pulled pork. You guys, Ree NEVER dissapoints me.



She just brings it home all. the. time.  I can always bet her recipe’s beat everyone else’s, hands down.  This slow cooked pulled pork is no exception.  She promises it will make your house smell divine, and she delivered on that as well.  My house smelled oh so delicious and no one but me and the kids got to smell it. Sad.  But it was a coffee and cooking sort of day.


The meat was DIVINE.  It cooked in a 300 degree oven for 6 solid hours and literally fell off the bone when I took it out.  I drizzled BBQ sauce over mine…drool.


I shredded the pork and packed it all up and delivered it to my pal, and stocked the rest for Rob tomorrow. Did I mention the smell?  Go make this now.  You’re welcome. You can find the recipe here.

Oh, and top it off with her jalepeno cole slaw.  Simple and easy and quick and all things busy mom.  Your husband will literally think you hung the moon and slaved all day, when really all you did was pop the pork in the oven and spend less than 5 minutes making the slaw.  This meal was ridiculously simple.  You can find the slaw recipe here.




I also squeezed in a great workout yesterday and it was completely unexpected.  I was tired and hat a lot on my mind, so this one surprised me.  Sometimes your body just shows up, and after a week of it basically telling me running and working out is stupid, it was nice to have it actually do what I asked plus a little more.  If you want a great little at home butt kicker, here ya go…


Fall 50 Workout

Warm up with 5-10 min jog or 1 min each of the following:
butt kicks
jumping jacks
walking lunges
windmills 30 seconds front, 30 seconds back
alternating toe touches
repeat 2x if time

10 push ups
20 jump squats
30 jumping jacks
40 mountain climbers
50 speed squats

60 recovery

10 bicep curls
20 weighted squats
30 plank jacks
40 skater hops
50 jumping jacks

60 second recovery

10 walking lunges
20 push ups(modify if needed)
30 cross body plank twists(in straight arm plank position, feet together, take right knee and cross under body to left arm, then back and repeat with the other side)
40 plank jacks
50 body weight squats

60 second recovery

10 lunge jumps
20 burpees
30 plank shoulder taps
40 mountain climbers
50 high knees

60 second recovery

10 deadlifts
20 crunches
30 butt kicks
40 speed squats
50 burpees broken up into sets of 10.  Do 10 burpees, then recover 10-15 seconds then repeat til you get to 50.  Congrats, you should be sweaty now!!  If you want more repeat any of the Fall 50 rounds. Cool down and stretch well.  

There you go! Calories and a way to burn them.  It’s how we roll.

Do you have a favorite Pioneer Woman recipe or a favorite go to recipe site?? What’s your fave fall recipe?