Do Your Thing…Not Hers

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So this is what’s been on my mind…..

Since I became a trainer, I’m even more emersed in the fitness industry than I was before.  Which I happen to love. However, I am constantly faced with what everyone else is doing, as we all are in our respected fields,  thanks in a large part to social media.  It can be so beneficial right? It has the power to help encourage us, challenge us, motivate us and it can often get our creative juices flowing.  It also has the power to do the complete opposite.

As women, we tend to compare.  A lot.  We’ve talked about this before.   But I feel lately I’ve been hearing a lot of I’m not’s and she’s this or that or how does she do it all?!?!  Can I just tell you something…SHE DOESN’T.

No one can do it all.  Girls, we can not be all things to all people all the time.  We can’t keep a perfect house, make everything from scratch, churn our own butter, sew our own clothes, be at every game cheering on our people, hold down a job, do a bible study, bring on people under us and/or grow our career’s, care for the toddler’s, potty train, clean all the pee off the bathroom floor’s and around the toilets, do exactly 3.2 loads of laundry every day, fold it and put it away, clean out closets, direct all the homework and studying, shop for a new fall wardrobe, shower, have glowing skin, wash our hair daily(who decided this needed to be a thing anyway?) and run carpool and playdates and I don’t know, sleep?  Catching my drift?  It’s not possible.

Ya’ll know I’ve been reading For the Love by Hatmaker and she uses the analogy of a balance beam.  There will always be a season for things to be on our beam and off our beam.  Who cares that what’s her face comes totally put together to school to pick up her kids and you are still in the yoga pants you may or may not have slept in before you went to yoga, or just to the grocery store.  Who cares that what’s her face has time for business lunches and a clean house and answering ten thousand email’s every day. Who. Cares. And I don’t mean that with an attitude.  There is nothing wrong with any of the above.  If it’s what makes her soar, then let her do it and cheer her on in the process instead of criticizing her just because it isn’t your way of doing things.  If what makes you soar looks different from her, it’s OK.  Yes, I’m using a lot of bold faced print.  Because I am insanely passionate about this issue and how else do I convey that when I’m typing?! So, bold print it is.  I promise I’m not really yelling at you.  It’s firm love.  

What is your thing?  What’s God-given you at this particular season of your life, and are you ok with taking things off your beam to do those things well?  I for one am a very few things at a time gal.  I can’t handle multiple jobs or commitments at a time.  I can handle about mmmmmmm 4. That’s my max.  And two of those are my husband and my kids and their responsibilities like sport and school.  That leaves room for about 2 other commitments.  To some, that may not seem like a lot.  To other’s, I may appear too busy.  But you know what?  It doesn’t matter what other people think.  Not to be harsh, but I honestly am getting too old to care.  If I have taken careful consideration, prayer and discussion with my better half as to what commitments I can take, then that’s where I land.  I do the things on my beam and I do them with all I’ve got.  I don’t look at that other chick.  Because I’m not her.

Chances are, the people who appear to be doing it all are struggling, tired, worn out, short-tempered or maybe they are just wired to do a lot.  I’m not.  I get completely overwhelmed and can’t keep anything organized in my head.  Could I add one or two more camp times to my boot camp?  Sure I could.  But, I’ve had to be careful.  Just because someone else can do it doesn’t mean it’s right for me NOW.  


Hear me……it is NOT about money, success, appearance, climbing the ladderkeeping up with the Jones’s or Mrs. Jones more specifically.  It’s about doing your things WELL.

I ache every time I hear a woman comparing herself to someone else.  Someone who seems to have it “all” together.  We make excuses for why we do this or that or why we don’t do or can’t do what someone else does.  Girls, we have to stop this!  Like for real.  I am telling you that you have purpose.  You do love.  God made you with purpose.  He made your soul to desire certain things, be good at certain things, and be passionate about certain things.


So do those things.  Don’t do her thing…do yours.  And let the rest fall into place.  Invest.  Be kind.  Love on other’s as you go through this life doing your thing.  Be selfless and compassionate.  Be the friend to the girl no one is talking to and invite people into your circle.  Be gracious.  Girls, for the love of all that is holy, do not walk around this life thinking you are better than anyone else.  We are all flawed.  We all hurt.  We all have struggles.  On the flip side, we are all talented and good at different things.  So, cheer each other on.  I am so completely over the comparison game.  It is fruitless and leads nowhere except a life of discontentment and missing out on your purpose.

So do your thing.  And do it well.

Your imperfect always in workout clothes disorganized yet passionate about lots of stuff blogger pal, just doing my thing.




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  1. Kelly!! I just started reading, For the Love! Why did it take me so long to start? So good!!! This post is so true! I loved how Jen Hatmaker said that we see all these fabulous amazing things other moms are doing (one from each mom) but in our head it’s like they’re all wrapped into one. She definitely explained that better than I just did! Hahahahaha! But I think social media…especially FB brings that out more and more! Wise words…do our thing. Our own thing. God make us just like he wants US! 🙂

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