Christmas Week Workout Mania

Hello and happy Christmas week!!! I know a lot of you are traveling this week or busy with all the Christmas craziness, so I thought I’d post several workouts for you to have on the run or on vacation or even at the gym if you are staying put this year.  Hopefully this gives you a broad range of workouts and body parts to work this week.  If you’re like me, you eat pie.  And homemade cinnamon rolls.  Because this isn’t normal life.  It’s an exception and I for one like to enjoy one day of the year with a few extra treats.  So, a few extra workouts may just be in order. Enjoy!!

legs and glutes


Christmas shuffle


treadmill ladder



To show off those hot new arms…..check out this adorable Lucy tank!!!…

And one more of my items of choice for this week, which will require some significant gym time before it makes it’s debut IN PUBLIC, but that’s beside the point…it’s cute yes?…..


This will hopefully be my Galveston 70.3 suit as I’m doing the swim portion of the relay.  I’m so excited.  It gets me back in the pool and hopefully this crazy surgery will just make me faster and more efficient in the water as well as on the road.  Once I finally heal enough to LEAVE THE HOUSE.  You guys.  I’m going insane.  I do NOT sit well and 6 days cooped up the week before Christmas is no fun.  Hoping the outcome is worth it.  Ok, enough said for today.  Happy Christmas week!!!

Hopefully these workouts keep you busy!!!