Christmas 2015

Merry couple days after Christmas!!  Hope ya’ll had an awesome time this week with your families.  I’ve been a little MIA with my blogging this week.  I’ve been slightly buried under piles of laundry, wrapping paper, tamiflu and the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls….holy yum. 

Be warned.  This recipe makes 123,987 cinnamon rolls.  You will be eating them for years unless you give them away, which is what I resorted too.  I may have given them away with clenched fingers but I knew keeping them would only resort in regret…and many many added pounds.  I did keep one pan.  
Anyway, we had one with the flu this week so our Christmas week was a little different than normal.  We stayed in a lot and took turns heading to Target.  I swore I’d take Friday off from Target…until I found myself there once again.  Good Lord.  The lady at the check out recognized me.  Pitiful.  
Have you seen this video by the way? It’s hilarious.  You can thank me later.
Anyway we had a great Christmas with nary a meltdown or fit.  Everyone sat at the dinner table and ATE real food and allowed me to eat in peace.  It was pure bliss.  I guess this is what happens when your kids start to get older.  The boys got a new XBox since our Wii was from the dark ages of 3 years ago and they’ve been glued to it since Wednesday.  And just whatever about it.  
It’s cold, and windy, and one has had the flue..which the Dr. told us not to let him have any strenuous activity for 2 weeks.  Are you kidding me?!?!  We’re trying but I can’t for the life of me let them sit around for 2 weeks.  We will all go clinically insane.  As much as I’m kind of over screen time limits I do kick them out the door every few hours to go run and play and burn off some pent up energy.  We’re not totally horrible parents.  
I’ve missed talking to ya’ll!!  Is that creepy?  It’s totally not mean to be.  It’s just been a busy week.  And don’t even ask me if I’ve run or worked out.  We’re not discussing it.  I did run yesterday.  A fabulous and wet 4 miles with no pain in my achilles!!  I’ve had some swelling since the marathon so I haven’t done much except swim and lift a few weights in my garage, which is what resorted to the lower back issue.  Getting older stinks.  
I love the pool.  It’s peaceful and relaxing.  I felt like I could swim for days.  It made me feel like I haven’t lost too much since the marathon.  I’ve been nursing this achilles and a sore lower back so I’ve been really careful.  So happy to be able to burn off all, or some, of the cinnamon rolls.  January 1st is coming people.  
Next week we’ll head to Memphis to see my family but I’m so excited to take my new GOPRO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Sense my excitement?  It is such a fun little toy…I love it.  Can’t wait to capture some awesome pics for you guys!!!
ain’t she purdy??
Biggest cup of coffee ever…EVER.  I’ve had a lot of coffee this week.  

Layering is my favorite.  

the kids had a blast…Lila got totally into Santa and the gifts this year.  We even found an app that overlays Santa into your living room…it was so stinking cool!!  They totally bought it and we confused our on the fence 8 year old even more.  He’s so conflicted about Santa.  His words were, “Oh man now I totally believe!!”  It was so cute!
we bought Josh our 6 year old footie pajamas because he’s been asking for some since he was 3.  Kidding.  But he really wanted them.  He’s his own little person and it’s so fun to watch his personality come out.  He was happy with his penguin hat, snow globe and footy pj’s.  Bless him. 

We had a fun visitor!!!!! 

I got my brown boots!!  Best mother in law ever!!!  Date night tonight…ooooh la la.  

Sweet little thing happy and content with her pumpkin bread, milk and Ipad.  I know I know.  Our kids really do play and run, promise.  
So those are a few highlights from our week.  Hope you had a blessed and fabulous Christmas!!!

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  1. Looks like you had a great Christmas minus that flu! The Target video is too funny….and so real life. Eek..on my list for 2015…less time shopping in general. Have a great time in Memphis! My son is actually there with his aunt now to watch the Aggies play!

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