Chicago Marathon!

Ok ya’ll….I told you this on Friday Favorites last week but I’m so excited to talk about running the Chicago Marathon this year!!  It’s been on my radar for a while but honestly, I keep telling myself I won’t be running any more marathons and then find myself right back at a registration page.  Am I alone in this?  I thought I’d share a little about how this whole thing came to be…..

After seeing all the pics on IG last year of runner’s crossing that finish line, I had race envy.  Honestly, the thought of training through the Texas summer for an October marathon makes me want to curl up on the fetal position and cry, but then, seeing how much everyone just seems to love Chicago made me want to do it.  Crazy insane right?  Yes.

I hadn’t told anyone, just kept it to myself because I had the Dallas Marathon to prepare for.  I used the Hanson’s method which is really intense and basically took over my life.  As much as I lOVED it and totally believe in the method, I knew it probably wasn’t something I could do all the time.  I have 3 kids and I was in the process of getting certified to be a personal trainer.  So, again, I just put Chicago on the back burner.  2015 was my year for NO full marathons.  Then again..

About a week after I finished Dallas, one of my closest friends texted me a picture of a page from a book she was reading called Bread and Wine by Shauna Niequist.

Anyway, the page she was reading was about the author, Shauna’s, journey to running the Chicago Marathon.  She had decided as a non runner that she wanted to do something out of her comfortable.  She had watched the finish of the Chicago Marathon and other marathons and always found herself in tears.  Always.  Something about that moment touched her deep inside.  So, she decided she’d do it.  I’ll leave the rest for you to read but her journey to that finish line is amazing.  
Candace texted me this page from the book.  She wanted to do that.  Run that marathon and do something completely out of her comfortable.  I almost dropped the book.  I don’t remember if I called or texted but either way,  there were exclamation points or squealing.  I got back with her immediately to tell her my story.  I told her that Chicago had been in my mind and heart but that I had sworn up and down I wouldn’t run a marathon in 2015.  But, how could I ignore this right?  It was surely a sign.  This was our destiny ha!!
So, we met at Starbucks a week later with Chicago stars in our eyes, hashed out our race plans and waited for the registration to open.  I went on to the CM homepage a few days later and saw the option to run for charity.  I’d always known people who ran for charity and had always wanted to do it.  So, I scrolled through the list of sponsoring charities.  St. Jude jumped off the screen.  I’m from Memphis so St. Jude is close to my heart.  A St. Jude Hero.  This was it, our chance to not only run for Candace to follow this dream but to run for a cause.  Candace overcame some major health hurdles the past 2 years, so this is a celebration.  We’re both momma’s and can totally wrap our minds and hearts around raising money for kids suffering from cancer.  So this is also a cause. 
It’s the very best way for us to spend this experience.  I knew going into this I would probably train differently.  I’m hoping to have a job by the time we start training so life will look very different this year.  Plus I’ll be training throughout the summer with all 3 kiddo’s home from school.  However, I’m beyond thankful that all of these details came together.  Candace and I have no doubt we’re supposed to be running this race together this year, and we will.  We’ll cross that finish line for Candace’s first marathon, a celebration of her health, a celebration of my 3rd marathon and getting my CPT this year(and hopefully a job!!!!), and last but certainly not least, for the kids of St. Jude.  How cool is running anyway?  Just several more reasons I love my sport.  And some very real ways we can make a difference.  Please feel free to visit my Hero Homepage to find out how you can support this journey and the kids at St.Jude.  
What’s your favorite marathon or race??
Do marathons make you cry?