On How Much I Hate Change

I’m not a fan of change. This year, it came heavy, and even more is on the horizon. Jake said today that he wanted Summer to last forever. I’ll admit, 20 minutes earlier I was losing my ever lovin mind with all the fighting, but in that moment, with my oldest boy sitting next to […]

Marathon Monday

Morning and happy Monday!! I’ve taken a few weeks away from the blog (more on that in a later post) but I feel like it’s time to dive back in and I’m starting by bringing back Marathon Monday posts. It may be annoying to read about my training progress, but this time around will be very […]

3 Paths To Wellness You Haven’t Considered

I’m excited today to welcome a guest blogger, Faith from ehealthinformer.com. She’s talking about wellness, and how to be more aware of your all around health. Our health is so much more than just our weight or activity level. It’s all encompassing and it’s necessary for us to regularly take a comprehensive look at our […]

Friday Faves…A Sweaty Workout and Bathing Suits. Yes. I said Bathing Suits

Friday Faves…A Sweaty Workout and Bathing Suits. Yes. I said Bathing Suits

Do I start every single Friday post with, “wow, what a week?” I think I do. But this week, I mean it. TGIF. That is all. A few of my favorite things or highlights from the week…….. Step it Up Workout This is a little blip from a workout I wrote for a client this […]

Friday Faves!!!

Hello and happy Friday!! It’s a good day here at the Anderson household.  After quite a week we’re so happy to be brewing coffee in the kitchen instead of the laundry room and making sausage on my actual stove.  We’re not quite done but just finishing touches from here on out.  So thankful.  Hopefully next […]