Catching Up and a Feel Good Frames Giveaway!!!


Hello and happy Thanksgiving week!! I’ve missed ya’ll!!!  We’ve been without internet at home since last Thursday and I’m not kidding, it’s like walking through a barren waste land.  We’re not sure how to cope.  I haven’t blogged because breaking away to run up to Starbucks just hasn’t happened.  I had grand plans.  I just saw myself sitting with my hazelnut latte and tunes in my earbuds blogging and working away in the quiet of the Starbucks comfy chairs.  Yea, not so much.  Instead, our weekend was filled with family pictures(NO ONE CRIED…or yelled for that matter.  Hell froze a bit), sleep overs, lunch with friends, dinner with friends, and laundry.  A lot of stinking laundry.  


So, all that to say, our internet is back up and running after switching providers and I’m excited to be back!!!  Taking time away from the blog just reminds me how much it means to me.  


In training news I’ve had some good times on my bike the past week and have cut my running back in mileage.


My hip has really been bothering me after I run so I’m cutting back my mileage and cross training.  I’m supposed to be running the Rock N Roll San Antonio half with a few friends in a couple weeks, but it’s not looking likely for me. The last time I had these issues with my hip(for those that care about this stuff, it’s my psoas, which is a deep hip flexor muscle that’s hard to get to in order to work out) I ended up being out for 8 weeks with patellar tendonosis in one of my knees.  No fun.


This race was just for fun with friends on the heels of Chicago, and with my migraines and hip issues, I just haven’t been able to maintain what I needed to in order to run safely in a few weeks.  I don’t want to be out with an injury for a race that I didn’t even really train for.  So, I’m going to give myself a couple weeks off from running and do tons of stretching and yoga and swimming/cycling/strength training.  We’ll see!!!!  It happens and I’m slowly learning to rest it before I injure it.


I’m also excited to announce this week’s Feel Good Frames Giveaway!!!!! You are going to LOVE this company.  They make adorable personalized(or not) frames.  I so admire crafty and artsy types.  The creatives that make the world go round.  Barrett, the owner of Feel Good Frames, is fun and creative and I love to work with small business owners!!!!  She sent me our very own personalized Christmas ornament and ya’ll, I’m in LOVE!!!  

It’s so cute and I’m sort of an ornament hog.  I buy one every year for each of us then I buy a family ornament.  We just do one family tree every year and it’s filled with ornaments that share a story.  I have some from my childhood that my mom gave me when I got married.  I buy them on vacations and special occasions. Every year when we put it up the kids and I talk about the meaning of the ornaments and it brings back so many memories.  It’s my favorite part of Christmas(besides Jesus of course).  I love the tree and the ornaments.  I’m a sentimental type.  I get a little dreamy and sappy and memories just get me. So, I’m excited to tell you that you can win one of these amazing ornaments!!  They are big(not too big, no too small. Just right) enough to put a decent sized picture in and still be seen on the tree. You’ll love them!!!

To enter to win, follow me and Feel Good Frames on Instagram and Facebook OR to earn a second chance to win share your favorite Christmas tradition in the comments below.  Maybe it’s a special dish you love to make(um..Pioneer Woman Cinnamon rolls.  Hello) or something you do with your kids or spouse.  Share away!!! Giveaway is live today and will end Wednesday night before midnight.  Good luck you guys!! Here’s to keeping our internet and getting all this laundry folded!!! Happy Monday!

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  1. hey Cassandra…I have a Forerunner 910xt. It’s a multisport watch and yes it does include a heart rate monitor but I don’t always use it. When I do wear it it doesn’t bother me at all, in fact I usually forget it’s there. The watch will still track everything minus heart rate when not wearing it like pace and distance etc. I’m a garmin fan all the way!!!

  2. noticing your watch, I am wanting one for Christmas but don’t want to wear a heart strap to get my heart rate…what kind do you have? if it is the heart strap does it bother you?

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