When You Can’t Run the Marathon, Go Get the Shirt!!

Ya’ll. Can I just say that leaving town at the beginning of October, with all the sports and all the homework and the tests and ALL THE THINGS is absolutely stressing me to the max. It’s no easy task to get 3 kids to different places, including all the school things. I mean, we’re talking getting all their stuff from one house to the other, getting them to and from school and sports and as a mom, it’s making me slightly anxious. We vacation without them from time to time, but seldom during the busy parts of the school year. Anyway, tangent, but IT’S CRAZY. #allthelists

As most of you know, I had planned to run the St. George marathon this coming weekend. It was my big COMEBACK race in all it’s mountainous downhill glory. It was a bucket list race for me, even though I had no plans to run a full marathon this year(and as it turns out, I still don’t ha). I did my best with training but ran into troubles with my aging hips(really my spine, but that info came from lots of PT) and then, as luck would have it, as my hip was healing, I had a nasty run in with my iron. My iron won. ¬†And it still hurts. Isn’t that insane?! My toe. still. hurts. And I dropped that dang iron on it months ago. Teaches me to do the stupid laundry.

Sometimes, our best laid plans fall to the wayside. They just don’t work out, as much as we may want them to. If I’m being completely honest, when I was told this marathon probably wouldn’t happen, I felt relieved. I was sad, but also, relieved. I was feeling pressure and I wasn’t enjoying running at all. I was miserable actually. And I hated that feeling more than I hated passing up a goal I had set.

I hated to hate running. And I needed to step away from running one million miles a week to find my love for it again. Actually, I needed to NOT do it at all to find my love for it again. And now it’s back, the excitement and enjoyment (the cooler weather helps. but hello. cooler is a relative term…it’s still 89 degrees and 100% humid ALL THE TIME), and I’m loving the run.

I’m back at it and having a blast. I’m training for the Dallas half, and plan to train for another half in the Spring that I hope to be my fastest. This one, Dallas, will just be to cross a finish line and get my feet wet again with running and racing. It’s time to put the full on hold, and focus on shorter distances. And I’m learning that’s ok. I don’t have to run marathons(ahem, and neither do you) to be a successful runner. It’s ok! Running ANY distance can make you a runner, in fact, just loving the sport will do, because we are all at different places in our journey’s so let’s just be ok right where we are, mmmmmk?

I’m getting my RRCA coaching certification the weekend of the Dallas marathon, which will be icing on the cake! I have no idea what I’ll do with it, in full discloser, but that’s life sometimes. Just go for it and see what happens.

Anyway, enough pointless rambling. Tomorrow, we will head to Utah to cheer on my amazing friend Christie who is running St. George. I’ll get my race packet and wear my shirt proudly(I mean, I was given medical advice not to run, so I can legally wear the shirt right?) and hang with our friends and do some hiking and running in Utah. It’ll be great! I get the massage without running the marathon. #winning

I also wanted to share my favorite chili recipe that I made this week, random I know. It still feels like a ridiculously humid summer here in Texas, but I revolted by making chili and cranking down the AC. It works. Ya’ll need to try this! It’s amazing and meaty and super filling. My kids don’t love it so I’m not going to act all, “your kids will love this!” My kids just don’t do chili, so they had peanut butter lol!

I top it with chopped bacon and diced avocado. I eat it all week. And yes, I use all the chili powder but you can easily decease a bit to your taste. Enjoy! See ya’ll next week!!! Be on the lookout for lots of Utah pics on my IG page…@redheadontherun_1

Find the chili recipe here.