And Now He’s 9

They say time flies.  You smile and nod and humor them.  Because you don’t really get it.  Your’e sure they’re right but until you can look back at 9 years of pictures, you don’t really believe how fast it goes.  It started hard.  The first year of parenting was the hardest of our married life.  But it’s gotten sweeter every year.  We’ve gotten closer as a couple through being parents together.  It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done that has brought the greatest amount of joy.

Jake is your typical type A.  He likes his room straight and neat and never was the take a flying leap off of anything kind of boy.  He doesn’t like to get dirty.  Or sweaty.  He loves baseball and donuts and Lila.  If the way he treats Lila is any indication of the type of dad he’ll be, his kids are incredibly fortunate.  He’ll be amazing.  Oh, and he wants 6 kids.  Go for it babe.  He loves school and his friends and did I mention baseball?

We went from thumb sucking and diapers to finishing 3rd grade and watching ESPN for fun.  From pull ups and Backyardigans to STARR testing and sleepover’s.  To pitching on the mound and being all kinds of responsible….sometimes, and studying for spelling.   He can ride his bike around the block and take out the trash.  He can stay up later than the other’s and talk about deeper things.  He can recognize when I’m at my breaking point and step in to help.  He can give Lila piggy back rides when she’s having a meltdown and make me laugh when I just want to cry.  Growing up.  It really does fly but it really is so much fun too.

Sometimes it’s sad that he doesn’t suck his thumb or that he’ll be in braces this year.  I could cry from the cost of braces alone.  Holy. Cow.  But it’s happening.  He’s getting bigger and bigger and further and further away from that chunky legged tightly wound thumb sucking happy baby.

I’m thankful.  I’m thankful my parenting journey started with him.  We had some rough patches and challenges along the way.  Still do.  All parents do with all kids.  But what a ride.  You learn more about yourself once you become a parent than you ever cared to know.  But it changes you.  They change you.  They challenge you to be better because they are watching.  Their eyes and ears are always on you.  Jake is officially old enough to REMEMBER my mistakes and mess ups and great moments.  He’ll remember 3rd grade and his friends and experiences.  It’s insane really.  But it’s awesome ya’ll.  I love being his mom.  Love it.

He’s half way to college.  And that scares me to death.  So, we’ll enjoy the now.  We’ll soak up the moments…most of them anyway, and enjoy our kid at the age he is this year.  We’ll give him just a little more responsibility and enjoy the fact that he’s still in elementary school.  Because middle school?  Yikes.

He is a gift.  This time with him is a gift.  And I plan on enjoying it all.  The good, the bad, the ugly, and the absolutely awesome.

Jake's Thumb 001


christmas time 2006 004


Jake at 12 weeks 012


Jake at 12 weeks 024


Summer 2007 029


Summer 2007 052


end of summer 09 075


end of summer 09 186


end of summer 09 220




Summer '09 071



































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  1. It’s so crazy how fast it goes but it really is so fun and hard and amazing all at the same time. What sweet pics! Enjoy your 9 year old dude! 🙂

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