You guys.  Can you please tell me how it’s already Friday?!  With the start of a new school year, we had less than two minutes to come up for breath.  Baseball and lunch making and homework and an attempt at organizing it all has left us all a bit buzzed.  Not one early morning workout was had or blog post completed this week.  I WISHED for school to start, and my head is already spinning.  I know it’s an adjustment as we launch all the things, it always is, but I tend to forget just how much work it takes to keep things afloat once school starts.  I love the change and it’s so refreshing, but it also takes some work.  So, here we are with a Friday in front of us and a few more ramblings on the blog.  And today, it’s a little less about Friday favorites and a little more of an update on some changes for me this upcoming year.  A little more adulting if you will.

My pal Emily uses the term adulting a lot.  And I love it.  It’s a verb right?!  Being an adult is not just existing as such, but WORKING all the hours of all the days at life.  It’s a living breathing thing to “adult.”  It takes focus and effort and big decisions.  It takes time and often times sacrifice.

I had some friends over this week, they brought their little’s and they swam and we drank coffee and talked for hours.  Several sunburn’s later we wrapped things up and they headed home for lunch.  We all had plenty of things we could have chosen to do with that time.  Plenty of adult type things such as work and cleaning toilets and washing our people’s clothes.  But we chose to sit with each other and just be present, and it was the highlight of my week.

IMG_5276 (1)

We just enjoyed each other’s company.  The other stuff could wait.  I think this is my theme for the year.  To be present.  I have one kid headed off to Kinder next year and an other off to the big bad world of middle school(Lord Jesus be with me NOW because I’m already a mess about this)…ON THE SAME DAY.  You guys.  It’s just going to be an ugly cry kind of day.  But, my time is coming when I’ll have an empty house every day….but not yet.  So, my goal this year is to be present with my kids(and Rob of course, but specifically the kids since all of that kid business is going to change next year).


As many of you know my dad is fighting a terminal disease.  He and my mom live out-of-town so it makes it difficult for me to be available to help them out when they need it.  My sister, who lives close to them, carries much of that since she’s the one there.  My dad’s health is getting worse, and I need to be more present and available for my family.  It’s not a circumstance any of us would have chosen, obviously, but that’s life.  We were never told or promised it would be easy.   So, I made the decision to limit my commitments and take some things off my plate so that I’m available to hop in my car and go see my parents when I need to.

I decided to leave Texas Fit Chicks who I’ve loved so much so I can have that freedom to go, or to stay, or whatever this year asks of me.  To be at the school investing in Jake and his friends.  To spend more time at home taking care of the house and managing our INSANE schedule that is this year with sports and all the demands of Rob’s job.  I don’t want to miss it all.  I know that there is a place for work, many of you do it on the daily and juggle families and that is AMAZING.  It really is.  And I did it, and loved it.  I loved my job.  But I just couldn’t really remember much of last year because I was so busy, and that’s not what I want for the last days or months of my dad’s life and the last year of my life with kids under my roof during the day.  It just goes so fast.  All of it.  And I’m thankful this year for the choice.

So to simplify and adult means making some hard decisions.  It sometimes means letting go of things we love, maybe not a forever goodbye or letting go, but an at least for now letting go.  This year is going to be good and so sweet in so many ways, I can taste it.  It’s also going to be hard and filled with some hard decisions for my mom, sister and me.  But I know God has good to birth from it.

I’ve been asked to write and collaborate the health and fitness section of our neighborhood magazine with a dear friend this year.  I also want to invest more in this blog and writing consistently.  I want to bring you content about life and family but also start incorporating more fitness related material.  I want to run and train again, but without a lot of pressure on myself to tackle any big races.  I simply just want to have the time to enjoy some of the things I love, but to do that will require some courageous no’s…and I don’t like saying no.  Limited yes saying is just not my thing.

So, that’s the skinny.  Adulting.  It’s hard right?!  But it’s also so good.  It’s constant self discovery and evaluation of what this season of life will require of you. What can be a now thing, and what needs to be a later on down the road thing.  I have no doubt that being a trainer is what I’m supposed to do apart from being a wife and momma.  No doubt.  However, I know it will ebb and flow depending on the family and what we have on our plate.  I love the flexibility it brings and I have lots of dreams and idea’s and goals. But for now, I belong right here, adulting with my Clorox and dirty laundry and lunch boxes and my computer. Chatting with you and being present for this season of my family’s life.  It may get a little bumpy and hard, but I know this is exactly where God has me for this year, so I’m ready.  I’m ready to adult in all it’s makeupless and workout clothes glory(a goal should also be to shower before 10pm and try wearing some normal clothes, I’ll add it to my list) and to be a little more present.  To embrace all the things with joy and appreciating the choice to do so.  To invest in relationships.  To be there for my mom, dad, and sister and enjoy the time we have left with him.

To just simply be.  And for that I’m excited and extremely grateful.

3 comments on “Adulting

  1. Adulting just sometimes blows. Am I the only mother of the year who sometimes wishes I didn’t have to be an adult? I am praying for you during this season of your life and your families. God’s timing is ALWAYS perfect. xoxo

  2. Kel! I know this is a hard leg of your life journey, but living without regrets is so important, and that’s what I see you striving for here. It’s how I want to live as well. I’m so glad you’ll be there for my brother. It breaks my heart. I hate this insidious disease, but God will give help for every moment. I’m proud of you, and love you so much! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Proud of you for making a tough choice. ? You were a great fit chick trainer and who knows, maybe you will return to it someday, but focus on the now. And oh by the way. Charlie started middle this year and he loves it. And I love it bc it staggers the morning crazy (he sleeps till 7:30!!! Claire is up and ready and about to leave by then)!!!

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