Abs and Cookies….They Go Together Right?

Happy Friday!!!

Hope ya’ll have had an awesome week. Jake(our 11 year old) has been away at camp and as much as we’ve missed him, we’ve enjoyed the slightly slower pace that comes with having my two home bodies around. It’s amazing what being down 1 kid can do to the vibe. That being said, we miss him!!!! He’s the great equalizer between Josh and Lila, who fight like cats and dogs.  It’s just awesome.  Dadgum sibling fights. They make me want to pull all my hair straight out of my head.

We hung at home most of the week, except for a few outings. On one of said outings, Lila stumbled across what she deems as the BEST COOKIE SHE HAS EVER EATEN at Kroger, of all places.

She decided we needed to find a recipe and make these cookies STAT. The Kroger double chocolate chocolate chip cookie. Yes. That’s two chocolates.

So Lila and I spent an hour yesterday perusing cookbooks and the internet, when it hit me. Why look anywhere else but Pioneer Woman? She never ever EVER lets me down. Ever.

*Lila baking muffins with me. Clearly, we just ate all the baked goods and did nothing like lazy slobs all week. When Jake’s away, we go wild.

So we found this deliciousness and busted out our mixer and went to town. They were easy and quick and DELISH. Ya’ll. We are cookie snobs. Straight up unashamed. Snobs. So when I say these are legit, you can trust the source. Plus, Pioneer Woman. Nuff said.

You can find the recipe here.

Since I ate all the cookies(tip from your trusted trainer: Drizzle them with melted peanut butter. Heaven in your mouth. You’re welcome…now abs…) I needed a core routine to change mine up a bit. I do a lot of planking and core work in general, but have made it my goal to really step up my core strength game this Summer as I train for my next marathon. Core strength is critical. It’s your powerhouse. I was cruising through Insta and came across this workout from Jessrunsblessed.

It’s killer ya’ll. I’ve done it twice since I came across it Tuesday night and I must say, it hurts to laugh. And bend over. And do my hair. And I do a lot of core work. Now all the cookies and peanut butter drizzling may put a damper on the effectiveness of this routine and ALL OTHER EXERCISE, but you gotta live a little.

Now on Jess’s Instagram, she says at the bottom of this routine to repeat 3-5x, to which I actually laughed out loud. I had just completed it for the first time, and with a side cramp like no other, looked down and saw that I was to repeat this. Not just one more time, but 2-4 MORE times. Yea. No.

I did it again the next morning, does that count?

In all seriousness, I just didn’t have time to even attempt it again, because I tacked it on at night and at the end of a run/lifting session. Next week my goal is to complete it 2-3 times in succession, but will have to leave myself a little extra time. And plan to not laugh for at least 8 days.

Our weekend is filled with picking a kid up from camp and lots of running! Today is my rest day, and I don’t have clients on Fridays so it’s a nice change of pace for me. 5 miles tomorrow, 9 on Sunday. Happy Friday ya’ll.  Make it a great weekend!!!!






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  1. oh good Kristie!!! So good to hear!!!! I’m telling you, Pioneer Woman for the win every. single. time. =)

  2. Thanks so much for the cookie recommendation! Made them for the Father’s Day party tonight and everyone loved them!

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