A Quick Update on Life Lately…from the Boat!


Hello ya’ll!!!

Long time no….see?  Not sure how else to say that.  I’ve missed writing this week!!!! Last weekend Rob and I snuck away to Laguna Beach for an awards ceremony for Rob.  We got to stay at the Ritz and it was seriously so much fun.


We ate good food(way too much of it) and enjoyed time away and running by the beach.


We are massive fans of getting away alone.  It may not always be to the beach or a nice vaca, it could just be sitting at Starbucks for a latte, go away alone.  It’s so good and critical for your marriage, your friendship.  It’s also so healthy for your kids to see you make each other tops.  They need to see that, even though it means spending time away from them.  It’s good for all and so so healthy.  So go get away!!

It’s been a crazy and emotional week.  Many of you know my dad has been fighting a terminal brain disorder much like ALS(his disease is called MSA..multiple system atrophy) for about 8 years.  Last Friday, just before getting on the plane for California, my mom texted to tell me he was very sick and would be going by ambulance to the hospital.  He was diagnosed with pneumonia, which is fairly common in people with MSA.  Needless to say, my mind has been on my dad and family this week.  I’ve wanted to post updates but it’s just been too up and down.  He was able to go home today but will have care at home.  Appreciate your prayers for my dad and us as we navigate the next stage of his disease.  Life is hard isn’t it? This week of relaxing will be good for the soul.  I’m on a girls trip…..on a cruise!!

I’m literally sitting on the balcony…not puking over the side.  Win.

I bought the million dollar wifi package and the coffee card.  Priorities people.  I’m loving my dramamine and READING AN ACTUAL BOOK!! During the day.  It’s crazy.

I just wanted to touch base and give a little update as I’ve been off the blog and social media a bit more this week.  With everything happening with my dad and the kids home on Spring break, life has been a little crazy.  I love having the kids home and even through the crazy it makes me ready for Summer.  I’ll be back to regular blogging next week and hope ya’ll have a great week and weekend!!! I’m eating up my expensive minutes so I gotta run!!


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