A Quick Training Update and the Ultimate At Home Summer Workout



Any of you working out from home this summer?  I am.  It’s awesome and I LOVE the convenience.  I’ve even tackled a few in the middle of the afternoon, which is both stupid and awesome all at the same time.  Because I get to be outside.  And I get a good sweat(understatement  much? I sweat going out to check the mail).  Even though I melt in the process.  Anyway, if you find yourself at home in need of a sweat session…try this:

25 burpees
25 jumping jacks
25 butt kicks
25 toe touches in motion
25 sec sprint x4

Set your timer for 3 minutes and do as many rounds as possible of the following:
15 shoulder presses
15 bicep curls
15 tricep kickbacks(google if you need an image)
15 deadliftes

Repeat Cardio

Set timer for 3 minutes and do as many rounds as possible:
15 squats with weights on shoulder’s or to sides
15 curtsy lunges left leg with squat in center, with or without weights
15 jump squats with or without weights
15 curtsy lunges right leg with squat in center, with or without weights

Repeat Cardio

Set timer for 3 minutes and do as many rounds as possible:
15 crunches
15 reverse crunches
15 russian twists(google if you need an image or video)
15 fludder kicks
15 toe touches holding weight over head

Repeat Cardio

Repeat entire workout as many times as desired.


Ok so a quick recap from my week in training last week.  I’m not getting super detailed today. Lot’s going on in my house with the bathroom reno and kids craziness.  So last week I did my best. That’s really all I can say about it.  I was having some ankle issues that I didn’t want to mess with so I ordered a new pair of shoes(shocking I know).  I eased back just a bit until my shoes came.  Anyway, my week went as follows:

Monday: Easy 4 plus bootcamp(schedule called for 5)
Tuesday: speed work…5x1K with 400 m recovery.  I did 4 of the 5
Wednesday: Rest
Thursday: 7 tempo miles(schedule called for 8, ran out of time and needed to stretch so I did 7)
Friday: schedule called for an easy 6 but my ankle was bothering me so I opted for 150 burpees and a strength session in the heat…I know I know.  Makes no sense to me either why this was a better option than running.  Nevertheless….


Saturday called for an easy 5 and I did those on the treadmill.  I usually loathe the treadmill but there was air conditioning which made it sort of heavenly.

Sunday: Long run..schedule called for 16.  I did 12.


I just didn’t have what I needed that day.  Hanson’s takes you from 10-15 so I knew I had some wiggle room to squeeze a 12 miler in and pop up to 14 or 15 next weekend and go from there.  It’ll work.  Ain’t nobody got time to stress over coming up short 3 miles, and I listened to my body which was the right move.  And it was HOT.  Like 90’s with highs coming in the 100’s that day with really high humidity.  Gross.

So, that’s my week.  Pretty simple.  Hope your training is going well and you aren’t melting!!!! Oh and apparently we’re having a massive cold front here in Texas.  It’s a rest day for me so I’ve only been outside to take out the trash, but people…it’s 78 degrees…..WITH A BREEZE!!!

What’s your favorite way to cool off after a long run?

Do you stress when your long run comes up short or just move on to the next one?

4 comments on “A Quick Training Update and the Ultimate At Home Summer Workout

  1. wow Annie!!! I’ve heard Marine Corps is awesome! I’d love to add that to my race bucket list lol. And I totally understand cutting run’s short because of the heat. I’m praying as we approach the end of Summer we’ll have enough cooler mornings to make this second half of training more bearable. But I’m not counting on it=) The past few days, though humid as all get out, have been much cooler. Hang in there girly!!! You got this!!!

  2. I totally feel ya! I am training for Chicago and Marine Corps, and was supposed to do 16 on Saturday. I had to stop at 13. This heat is just unbearable! It’s nice to hear that other people are struggling with the same things, though. Thanks for sharing your journey!

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