A Letter to You, Weary Mama



Hello mommas.  I just feel like we need to talk.  Grab yourself a cup of coffee or some ice cream ok?  I’ve been noticing you lately.  Tired, spent and exhausted.  Dragging the screaming toddler out of Target because that dang $1 section was just too much for their little hearts to handle.  Settling a sibling fight, navigating homework,  coveting nap times, doing panties, doing pull ups, breast-feeding, single parenting, working full-time,  cooking, driving,  nursing boo boo’s and taking out stock in band aids, laundering.  Loving on little hearts and souls all the hours of all the days.  You. 

Maybe you laid in your driveway while your kids played basketball and risked being trampled on just to get a moment of rest.  I get it..


Being a mom is hard.  And I think we often feel like we’re in this alone.  We can have friends and supportive husbands.  We can have our tribe and still feel lonely.  Because being the one who is responsible for raising civilized humans is no small task.  Especially if we long for them to be more than just civilized humans.  Sometimes, it can feel like it’s just too much.

I often feel like mom’s just need to hug each other every time we see each other.  I think we kinda fail to rally around each other and remember WE ARE ALL TIRED.  We need to remind each other that we are not alone.  We have other mom’s all around us who are going through some of the same victories.  The same struggles.  So to you, the momma who feels like this season will last forever and they will never stop fighting or whining or spilling milk.  It does get better.  It does. 

I watch you all the time.  Not in a creepy way but in a “I totally get where you are coming from” way.  I see the pain and loneliness.  I see the excitement when your kid gets a home run.  The disappointment when they hit a kid on the playground or lie to you for the first time.  I see the fun you have once your kids get a little older and can have real conversations with you or go on vacation without peeing in their car seat or spilling chocolate milk all over the back seat(because clearly, I am not speaking from experience at all).  I see the moments when it is all just. too. much.

I see the joy on your face when you hold that new baby for the first time and when they take their first  chubby feat steps.  When they do something kind or get a prize at school.  When they repeat something that you’ve taught them that you never thought made it through…and then you realize it did.  And you are stunned.  Progress.  Hope.  Maybe I’m not doing it all wrong.  Motherhood comes with so many emotions.  It does.  Sometimes, it’s hard to navigate through them all and still feel like you are being effective with your kids.

I see these things in you because I have felt them myself.  I’ve experienced them.  I know I have a long way to go as a mom.  My kids are almost 9, 6 1/2 and almost 3.  I’m far from parent of the year or an expert on all this stuff.  But, I’ve had an everyone in bed at 7:30 because momma’s tired kind of day.  It’s been a take the dog out because our back door shattered and there is glass all over the back yard, do all the 3rd grade homework and clean up the spilled milk kind of night.  But I wouldn’t trade my “mom tired” for anything in the world.  Because it would mean I didn’t have my kids.  And I can’t imagine life without my kids.  Even in the noise and chaos.

So, let’s not forget about each other ok?  Let’s pat each other on the back and laugh at each other’s potty training and labor stories.  It’s funny.  And it’s fun.  And life as a mom is rich and full of surprises and excitement.  And let me just say….you are doing great.  God chose you to be their mamma for a reason.  It’s not an accident.  It is on purpose.  He chose you.  Because you are capable and you are awesome.

When we’re tired, it’s ok.  We can press on.  Right now my eyes are heavy and I have every intention of going from this desk to my couch.  I have a date with Chip and Joanna and a bowl of chocolate ice cream.  Because tired is ok.  As long as we can lift each other up now and then.  And wake up tomorrow ready to tackle the day and parent the heck out of it.   Because being a mom is pretty much the best, even on the very worst of days.

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  1. Gosh i loved this!! It’s so true! It so exhausting yet so rewarding. I just want a moment alone but then I want to go back and hold them. Oh the tug in the heart!! Hugs to you too mama!

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