A 10 Minute Strength Routine For the Busy Runner

4 breezy, beautiful, hilly miles today. Seriously Dallas, you outdid yourself on the weather today. It was the stuff running dreams are made of. 4 progressive miles with hill fartleks. Increase your speed on the uphill, slow down and recover on the downhill. Great way to build power and strength. Stay tuned for a little YouTube video(is that even a thing you care to see? I need your feedback because seriously, YouTube is new territory) of my post run 10 min strength routine for all you busy runners who struggle to find time for strength training. All you need is 10 minutes and a park bench.....#gopro #run #runfar #halfmarathontraining #halfmarathon #rnrsa #rockandrollsanantonio #saucony #triumph #justrun #beconsistent #hardworkpaysoff #goprorunner #womensrunningcommunity #goprooftheday #sweatpink #fitfluential

Hey guys!! Jumping on real fast to share a little 10 minute strength session from my run today. Gotta get one kid to baseball, the other two fed, study with one for a spelling test, get dinner, and get to bootcamp.  Fun yes?  Loads.  

So I did a 4 mile run today with hill fartleks.  Basically a fartlek is a brief burst of speed.  You can choose a tree or fire hydrant to run to with a faster pace, once you get there, you slow back down.  A hill fartlek is taking the same concept and doing it on every hill you come to.  Speed up on the climb, slow down on the downhill and inbetween each hill.  Your overall pace will be slower depending on how many hills you hit, but that’s totally ok.  Today my hill pace was about 8:50 and my recovery pace was right around a 10 min mile.  It’ll get your heart pumping and build some strength and power in those glutes and hamstrings.  It’s such a key element to being a stronger, faster runner.

I know when you are pounding some distance, it’s common to let your strength training fall to the way side.  Just because you don’t have an hour to devote to weights in the gym doesn’t mean you can’t get some added strength work after your run.  Today, I added 10 minutes and a bench to the end of my workout and it was just what I needed.  I finished with a fast quarter mile, most of which was an uphill climb.  Killer!!

Check out my Youtube video below and head over to my channel to subscribe by clicking here.

For this sequence you are doing 10 bench jumps, 10 push ups, 10 shoulder taps, 10 hot potatoes, 10 split lunges(10 each leg) and 10 more push ups.  Finish with a hill repeat if possible and repeat for 10 minutes.  Enjoy ya’ll!!!!!



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