5 Things I Stink At




I know.  Not the most uplifting post title.

But I have a few things to unload.  I’ve been in one of those mom can do no right modes this week.  It’s summer’s fault.  My brain is just already at the beach and NOT on reading notebooks and baseball games and washing uniforms.  For some reason I’m just a little more spaced than usual this week.  Is this you?  Good.   Let’s unload shall we?

1.  I stink at organization

Some people keep things in their heads.  They don’t need 23,576 post it notes or to do list’s. They don’t EVER use Siri to verbally remind them of their responsibilities.  Let’s just say Siri and I are close ok?  I don’t keep things in my head.  They go in one ear and right out the other one unless I pick up a pen while the thing is in my head for those .24 seconds and write it down.  If I don’t, it’s gone.

We have like 15 baseball games or some absurd number.  In one week.  It’s because of all the cancellations we’ve had the past few week’s but what the baseball people don’t understand is that mom’s everywhere are OVER IT.  So, needless to say, I have notes everywhere for who has a game where and at what time or I will surely just skip them altogether.  Which I have already considered.

2.  I stink at staying on task

Case in point.  Yesterday I told the boys I would bring them both lunch.  Josh’s lunch is at 11:30 and Jake’s at 12.  Since it’s the last week of school I was trying to do something fun.  Josh is our sensitive one.  His biggest fear is being left at school or me forgetting to do something I said I’d do.

No pressure.

So, Lila and I went to Josh’s Kindergarten graduation yesterday morning and then went to Starbucks.  We were having great girl time, came home and started cleaning around the house.  I decided to clean out the guinea pig cage(shoot me) and I got completely distracted cleaning up around the upstairs, listening to music and playing with Lila.  When I finished she grabbed a popsicle and we headed outside to play.  At 11:40.  I looked down at my phone to see a message from another Kinder mom saying she had Josh at the school and he was really upset saying I was supposed to bring him lunch and he was afraid I forgot.

Fear confirmed.


And these are the adorable faces I disappointed.  Just put me out of my misery now.

I’m pretty sure I threw Lila in the car, popsicle and all, and broke several laws to get to the school.  With no lunch.  Are you seeing why this post is relevant to my week now?  Good.

So, I walk in and the mom(who was a rock star by the way, loved on Josh and was so sweet) brought Josh to the office and he was all red splotchy face and I almost broke down with him. Yes son, mom stinks today.  Not to mention all the office staff and other mom’s who had in fact REMEMBERED their children were watching me console my abandoned child.  Good grief.

Then I decided it was a good reminder that mom’s aren’t perfect.  We forget stuff and make mistakes and that has no baring on how much I love him.  And so I bribed him with lunch out and we checked Jake out too.  I took them to 3 different places to get food which seemed to do the trick.  Boom.


this is an old pic but you get the idea..I forgot to photo journal our day yesterday, probably because I wanted to curl up in the fetal position and drown my mom sorrow’s in chocolate cake.  Moving on.

3.  I stink at correspondence

I know that’s a really old-fashioned way of saying I do not make phone calls or keep up with people very well.  It’s actually something I’m really self conscious about and beat myself up over often.  I just tend to be very independent.  I know that’s not an excuse especially in 2015 when a text or email takes 30 seconds and an actual phone call is like unheard of.  I stink at talking on the phone.  I know I get focussed on my day and I just don’t check in with people I love.  Or even people I want to get to know.  I need to work on that.  I love my people and I want them to know it.

At Starbucks with ms Lila soaking up some togetherness before school gets out on Thursday. Can't wait to have the boys home but girl time is pretty sweet too. #girlmom #coffeetime #justwatchedjoshgraduatekinder #stopgrowingup #momslife #thankful

I sorta get lost in my day.  Am I alone in this?  I feel like it’s so selfish and irresponsible so it’s on my list of things to work on.  We all have them right?  Right.

4.  I stink at laundry


Ya’ll.  I have yet to figure out a fool-proof laundry system.  If you have one please share.  I’ve tried every method and it never seems to work.  There is ALWAYS laundry.  And yes, my kids help.  The boys put all their own clothes away and Jake does do laundry himself.  But still, it’s like this black cloud always hovering over me(slight dramatization).  It never goes away and I am NEVER EVER EVER EVER caught up.  Can’t we just wear dirty clothes?  Clean ones are over-rated.

5.  I stink at crafting


I don’t craft.  I just don’t.  I wish I did.  I also wish I had a better picture to post.  But seriously this is the ONLY one I could find with evidence of me doing anything craft related.  And this was painting my laundry room.  And I bought the pain 1, I mean 4, years ago.  Pathetic but true.  Not my best look here but I don’t care.  I stink at selfies too.  Add that to my list.

I want to craft and do fun things with the kids(hang on now, we do fun things. They just usually revolve around being outside, because that’s my happy place) especially since I have a girl now and girls like that kind of thing right?  So,  this summer I’m determined to add a wee bit more “crafty” fun into our life, at least for Lila’s sake, and make it something I enjoy too.  So load me up with ideas people.  Lord knows I need them.  Pinterest only takes you so far.

So, there you have it.  Thanks for letting me unload today.

How bout you…what do you stink at?  Go ahead, lay it on me.  You’ll feel so much better.  Promise.





12 comments on “5 Things I Stink At

  1. Beki you are too cute!!! Love that you are catching up on blog’s with coffee and hand. Girl after my own heart. I love that you can relate to my non craftiness and lack of phone communication=) Thanks for reading girl!

  2. Love this! I’m binge reading your blog posts while I drink my morning coffee, …… and I can so relate. I don’t do crafty, I’m physically incapable of it, I don’t even really know how to decorate my house, and honestly could care less. And I am the same way with peeps- I’m just not a communicator over phone or text. I like in person conversation. I have a couple close friends that gets this, otherwise I’d probably friendless : {
    I know it can offend people, so I’m always reminding myself to get better at this too and show the love!

  3. thank you Carrie!!! We have all been there and do the very best we can. But life in momma land can be tricky to navigate. Fortunately my kids don’t lack for opportunities to see me mess up haha! Thanks for your encouragement!!!

  4. thanks Tara!!! I totally cry over random stuff too. I’m not a cryer so it usually hits me at the weirdest times!! Thanks for stopping in and reading and for your sweet words. I love being able to connect with people=) And I ate more chocolate cake on Saturday for date night hehe!

  5. Michelle, ok i was laughing out loud when I read that you have been behind since 1998!!!! that is so me!!!!!! And no not a tripadvisor bag lol!!! Here’s to being behind together!!! Oh and I am totally going to goodwill to look for Lulu stuff!!

  6. April…haha! Glad to know I’m not the only one who isn’t a phone talker. And yes, I could always use some crafting help and inspiration!!!

  7. Summer, tell me about it! And we literally got a new washer and dryer a year ago but they are pretty big. Still, it just never ends lol!!!!

  8. Ok so laundry… You mean the Bane of my Existence- is the worst! How do people wear so many things?! It’s absurd and wasteful and fully expected for a Mommy to handle. My solution- buy the biggest capacity available. Not kidding! Buy the like industrial strength washer and dryer. It’s an investment but let me tell you, when you can wash 3 quilts at once and the actually fully dry them in the dryer in an hour you feel like a superhero. I’m able to do a weeks worth of laundry in 2 or 3 loads v. 7 or 8 loads. One day and BAM! Laundry is done!

  9. So I don’t talk on phones either and hence why I don’t have a ton of friends in McKinney cause I never call to hang out or set anything up:/ I can craft especially with kiddos so maybe I can help ya!!

  10. Ha! I could leave a one word comment here: DITTO! I finally decided that God doesn’t care if I am organized or not.. If this was a gift for me then he would have given it to me. That is the only way I can understand how anyone else is doing like in order! 😛 Right along with organizing I scraped that whole crafty/sewing thing too. Because my husband works 28/28 i am only a “friend” every other month….even less than that since the 28 that he is gone I am spending getting caught up on what I didn’t get done while he was here! I; have been behind now since 1998. Arg.

    I would say the absolute worst thing I stink at is telling people how much I love them; how much they mean to me. Some how i just think they should know it.

    Is that a Tripadvisor bag on the floor?? Just asking…..

  11. Post it notes, chocolate cake, laundry!!! Girl I’m there with you! And I get lost in my days too. I totally had a target/ Starbucks run planned and lunch out and plans changed and I literally almost acted like a three year old because my day wasn’t like I planned. I felt silly and selfish and cried!! Heavens! But we all have our moments right?! Haha! Thanks for always keepin it real! You’re so easy to relate to! Have a fab week! Maybe with some cake!!

  12. Love this post because we have ALL BEEN THERE! You are doing a great job Momma! And it is so good for our kids to see us make mistakes, and learn that we are all human. I love your heart. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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