3 Killer Glute/Leg Workouts

Happy Friday!!!!

I put together some glute/leg burning workouts for you this week. You’ll find some upper body, core and cardio mixed in to these workouts, but overall, the focus is on the lower half. I tend to hate “leg days” so by adding other elements it feels a bit less leg dayish to me.  Plus you get more bang for your buck by combining mutiple muscle groups into one workout. If you aren’t working out with a trainer, it can be hard to structure a hard workout that pushes you, especially when using free weights or body weight. So much of the time we get to the gym, stand in front of the weight rack and freeze. Now what?  Hopefully following these workouts will push you out of your comfort zone a bit and guide you through a good strength workout. Please feel free to reach out to me via comments or emails if you need regressions for anything. Have fun and break a good sweat for me!!!




*Make sure you are cleared to exercise by consulting with your doctor

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  1. thanks Trisha! I’m so sorry to just now respond, in my head I did! LOL! So a surfer girl you will start in a straight arm plank position, then pop your feet out to the right and come up to a low squat and bring your hands up in front of your face, like you are about to throw a jab=) pop feet back into plank then go to the other side.Should sky rocket your heart rate!!

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