21 Day Fix Refresh Cleanse: Review and Results

Hello there!! It’s cleanse review time.

As promised, today I’ll share my review of the 21 Day Fix 3 Day refresh cleanse as well as my results(although I said I’d post yesterday, but life happened).  I’m sure you’re more curious about my results, but you’ll have to wait til the end of the post =)

I’m not typically a huge fan of cleanses, but have done enough of them to know a good one from a bad one.  I stay away from liquid only cleanses or anything that doesn’t include whole fresh foods.  To me, you re-set your body with the RIGHT foods, not by starving and depriving yourself of food.  Plus, if you starve yourself for several days, eventually you have to eat again, then weight comes back. If you look at it as more of a re-set for your pallet and mind/body to know what foods actually help you, then you’ll have a better outcome AFTER the cleanse is over.

Ok, enough chit chat. Let’s get to it.

What is included in the 3 Day Refresh?

First of all, you’ll get a handy box in the mail.

When you open it up, you’ll see a nice and organized(as an aside, EVERYTHING so far that comes with the 21 Day Fix is extremely organized, they make this about as easy as it can get for you) set up with sections for each day as well as detailed directions of what to eat each day…


Again, they make it super simple to follow. Because when you’re hungry and craving all the foods, the last thing you want to do is think too much.  Trust me.  So, it’s all right there for you.  It took me about 10 minutes to flip through it all and feel prepared to start.

I chose to do a Monday-Wednesday because I knew I’d be home and not have a lot of temptations around. There were still temptations, but they were more controllable than say a typical weekend of activity.

What can you eat?

Ok.  Again, don’t starve please.  It’s just not an effective strategy.  That said, this cleanse is very low in calories. As I mentioned yesterday, you’ll need to limit your exercise for those 3 days. I ended up taking the third day as a rest day.  I resumed my normal workouts yesterday, but after I replenished some protein and calories. I didn’t feel up to it when I woke up yesterday morning because I woke up with a massive headache, but that was the first one I had which to me is amazing because I get HORRIBLE hunger headaches and migraines as it is.  So, you eat real food, but here’s the break down….

breakfast: Shakeology(blended with water and ice) plus one fruit.  One morning I did half a banana in my smoothie and the other two mornings I had an apple sliced on the side so I could chew something.  I had to teach bootcamp and knew I needed a little something on the side of my shake.  It filled me up and you guys, the Shakeo is YUMMY!! Seriously, best protein shake I’ve ever had in the taste department.  And I’ve tried a lot of them.


Mid morning: Fiber sweep drink and green tea spaced out between breakfast and lunch.  This makes you feel like there is something in between so you don’t snack.  The fiber drink didn’t totally jack up my stomach like I thought it would. Word to the wise however, you will pee A LOT.  It’s like being pregnant all over again.



Mix that fiber drink with 8 oz of cool water(not room temp and not cold, you need to be able to chug) and get her down the hatch.  It’s really not horrible. Just a little flax seedy.

I’m not a huge fan of green tea, so I drank it a few times but not 3 times a day.  You can have one cup mid morning, mid afternoon and after dinner.

Lunch: one fruit, one veggie, one healthy fat, and the vanilla protein drink.  I chose two healthy fats to use during the cleanse.  One was almond butter and the other was homemade hummus. I only ended up using the almond butter twice because I found myself craving less sweet and more substantial foods like the hummus and veggies.  But it was a great teaspoon worth of a treat ha!! I added it with my apple and it was surprisingly filling. Yes, I chose the maple Justin’s almond butter.  Wild I know.  Tone it down now.


The hummus ended up being a great add.  It made you feel like you had some flavor and didn’t make me crave salt as an additive.  It was perfect.  Here is my recipe:

Homemade Roasted Red Pepper Hummus(this makes a TON so you can easily cut this recipe in half and still have plenty)

3 cans of chick peas(rinsed and drained)
1 medium clove of garlic, minced
about 2 tbsp of roasted red peppers, straight out of the can
drizzling of Olive oil
water for thinning if needed
pepper and a dash of sea salt

Place all ingredients in a food processor and blend until smooth.  Add water if it needs thinning.

I used my Vitamix and it worked great.



Mid afternoon Snack: Ok so by mid afternoon(for me it was starting around 2:30) I found myself a little tired and feeling like I was in a fog. You can have green tea and one veggie with one healthy fat mid afternoon. I actually only did this once but only because of poor planning on my part. It was right during school pick up and we ended up with showings(our house is on the market) in the afternoons this week so I had to be out and about. It actually helped keep my mind off of wanting to snack but still.  I should have been more consistent with this because the one day I did it, dinner was more filling and I felt more satisfied than I did on the days I skipped the afternoon snack.

Dinner: Dinner was limited.  You can have the vanilla protein shake…


They give you recipes in the book you receive in your package, but still. I ended up with a spinach salad two nights and roasted veggies on the last night with a splash of hot sauce on top along with my shake for the protein.  By night 3 I was feeling it.  Mainly because I had not had the afternoon snack and I didn’t get enough for dinner. I over hot sauced my veggies(I was feeling desperate so I just poured it on for flavor) and they were way too spicy, so I only ate a little.  Bad move.  The spinach salad option was the best in my opinion because it felt more like a meal. One day I had skipped my afternoon veggie and fruit at lunch so I added the fruit to my salad for dinner. It was delish.


I threw a small amount(measured in the seeds container you will get) of pumpkin seeds and sprinkled them on top with a drizzle of olive oil and some fresh squeezed lemon. It was surprisingly filling.

I did green tea after dinner one night and it hit the spot. It helped me feel like I wasn’t being totally deprived.

Did I exercise:

Ok. I touched on this a little yesterday but yes, I did workout while on the cleanse.  However, it was very limited compared to my normal routine.  By day 3 I didn’t have the energy so I took that as a rest day. The other two days I did a one mile easy run followed by the plyo fix (big mistake. Burpees with power push ups are not a girls friend while on a veggie and liquid diet. Just sayin. Stick to something more mild) and the other day I just had my mat next to my treadmill and after my run I did about 20 minutes of light work on my mat with lighter weights. It was just enough to give me a little burst of energy but not burn too many calories that I couldn’t replenish. If I were to do it again, I’d change out the plyo with pilates or yoga.


Ok. My official results were a 4 lb weight loss and a flatter tummy.  This cleanse definitely made me feel less bloated and “cleansed.”


However, I can’t say I felt great!!!!!! and refreshed and energized by the time I woke up the morning after. I felt tired and really depleted. But, I have always required substantial amounts of food. I have a fast metabolism and I’m really active and busy, so the calorie restrictions on this cleanse didn’t make me feel my very best AS I was doing it. But, I will say that yesterday, instead of really craving a burger, I wanted lighter foods. I was still hungry and feeling like I needed to restore some calories, but not in the form of fried chicken. I had a light lunch and went out with friends for hibachi for dinner. I portioned well and avoided some things I knew I shouldn’t have to stick with my 21 day fix goals, but I didn’t obsess over it.  I knew that the day after was important to stay on track with my goals and not undo what I did on the cleanse, but I allowed a bit of leniency so I didn’t feel so crabby and mad ha! I did run yesterday and I did the upper fix workout and felt great.  This morning I ran 3 miles increasing my pace as I went and it was the best I’ve felt on a run in a LONG time.

Overall, I am REALLY glad I did this.  It’s a great test of your will power.  It reminds you that food does not have to control you and that you have the ability to make good choices, and those good choices do make a difference in not just how you look, but how you feel. I may not have felt like running a marathon those 3 days, but I will say that since finishing I feel really good.  I feel good that I stuck to it after weeks of poor choices with my nutrition.  I felt great running yesterday and didn’t find myself craving as much as I thought I would(except cookies. Man, all day yesterday all I wanted was a giant chocolate chip cookie. So, I had 4 dark chocolate covered walnuts instead with a cup of coffee in the afternoon and boom. It worked and I went on with my day. And it was 21 day fix approved….well you can have chocolate covered almonds but all I had were walnuts so whatever. A nuts a nut right??).  I’d call it a success and a great way to kick start my 21 day fix experience.  It was well organized and laid out for you so all you have to do is purchase the stuff, buy some foods ahead of time and get to work.

If you are interested in trying the cleanse or 21 day fix it’s not too late to jump in. Challenge groups start almost weekly and you can jump in any time. Just message me below or email me at redheadontherun1@gmail.com. I’m doing this one sort of on my own but am part of a challenge group for the accountability even though I’m on a different schedule. I’d love for you to join me and give this a go!!! I’ll keep you guys posted on how I’m doing next week but for now, I have kids to get to school and bootcamp to teach. Happy Friday ya’ll!!

Have you tried the 3 day refresh? What were your thoughts?

Any yummy healthy recipes you are loving lately? 

Disclaimer: I was not paid for this review. The thoughts and opinions are my own. Before starting a fitness routine or a cleanse, speak to your doctor to ensure you are physically able to move forward.  Use caution and common sense when using this cleanse.





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  1. I’ve done the 3-day refresh and lost about 3 pounds. John and I both did the 21-day fix. He lost 15 pounds. I didn’t have as much to lose, but it reminds you to keep a check on portion control! John and I both noticed how we didn’t tolerate fried foods well after eating healthier!

    I love my Shakeo! I’ve been drinking it for almost 3 years, and as I’ve said, I’ve lost 75 pounds over the past 3 years. It’s hard to believe I was that heavy; but my dad’s family has huge issues with blood sugar/diabetes, and my meds for RA can cause weight can (as can the inflammation from RA). One of the reasons I love Shakeology is how it heals your gut! Loving a flat tummy! Biblically, ancient beliefs were that a person’s gut was the center of bodily function, not the heart. (Do you remember me teaching y’all about the 4 humours when we studied Julius Caesar in 10th grade?) I have lots of Shakeology recipes on my website.

    Rhonda Malone

  2. Hi, I think we’re on the same FB accountability page right now. I’ve really enjoyed reading your blog about life, exercise and your reviews. Given that you have been very active for years and teach boot camp I wanted to ask you a question… I’ve been doing my workouts early in the morning and feel I don’t always have enough energy to get through them. Because of my schedule, early morning workouts are my only option. Is there anything you would suggest I do so I can have enough energy to get through my morning workouts? I’ve never been able to eat so early in the morning or prior to working out. But I do eat right after. Thanks and have a blessed day!

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