21 Day Fix Update: Day 17!!


It’s been 17 days since I started the 21 day fix. I would say with VERY few exceptions, I have stuck to the program. I’ve missed a workout here and there, but right now our lives are CRAZY.  Having our house on the market(our buyer’s fell through last week so it’s back to the drawing board!) means making a few exceptions and being flexible.  Now that I’m almost done, I’m glad I did this during a crazy time.  It shows that it IS possible to have life happen and still make great(and who are we kidding, sometimes just better) choices and see results.  I’ve eaten out. And no, I haven’t pulled my containers out of my purse to measure my food in a restaurant.  You totally can if you need to, but once you learn the system, it’s not hard to transfer it out into the real world.  I haven’t lived in a hole. I’ve done my normal life and just made different choices when doing so. If the kids want Chick Fil A because they are starving and fighting and you can’t go home because people are looking at your house….you grab a salad and use your own dressing and pair it with a water instead of sweet tea. Easy peasy.  Oh, and you don’t eat half of your kids fries, so as to undo the whole salad thing.  If the kids want cookies after school because you’ve been so on edge with having the house up that you haven’t been baking(or doing anything fun really. In fact, you may have been accused of only caring about the house lately and blah blah blah. Best mom award goes to…) so as to not mess up the perfectly clean kitchen….you experience torture. Ha! Kidding.  Sort of……


Don’t be fooled. Not ONE lick or bite.  And here’s the thing. When I finish this, you better believe chocolate chip cookies are going down(not right after this post….after my 21 day fix=).  So that’s not to say you have to live a rigid lifestyle afraid of all unhealthy foods and unable to allow your self to indulge in them once in a while. But I can honestly say, staying away from this stuff yesterday wasn’t that hard. And I LOVE homemade chocolate chip cookies. It’s like our thing.  My mother in law used to make this recipe for us and all of our friends in high school and the recipe and tradition is still around, some 17 years later. Gosh we’re getting old.  My point is, 21 days of better choices has changed my pallet. I don’t feel deprived or desperate or STARVING.  I feel satisfied and lighter. And even though I plan to indulge in some chocolaty goodness, I plan on continuing with the program and following an 80/20 model.  It’s been such a great reminder of how to eat properly. And I’m still learning.  I’m not a nutritionist or an expert, and I think nutrition and how to feed OUR own bodies is a constant learning experience.

Monday we went to a Memorial Day Summer kick off at our neighborhood pool.  It was a big party with a free buffet of food. Normally, this would so be my jam. I love pool food.  Burgers and hot dogs.  I don’t eat them every day, but when we go out like this I’ll eat more than I should because it’s there.  I ate lunch before we went so I wouldn’t be tempted by all the food and I didn’t eat one thing there. I was shocked! I didn’t even think about it honestly because I wasn’t hungry.  I had browned turkey sausage with two scrambled eggs and sweet potato wedges on the side for lunch and ya’ll, it kept me full all afternoon. It’s so easy if you prepare ahead of time!


So. I feel good. That’s the key. I’m eating yummy foods and getting creative in the kitchen. Here is my salad from yesterday….


21 Day Fix Approved Spinach Salad

Lunch time!!!!!

2 veggie(green) spinach/shredded carrots
1 protein(red) turkey and turkey bacon
1 fruit(purple) strawberries and blueberries
1 seed(orange) pumpkin seeds
Drizzle of olive oil and citrus infused balsamic vinegar. Yum!!!!!!

It was delicious! A few other go to’s are:

Ground Jenny-o breakfast sausage
scrambled eggs with a spoonful of organic green salsa verde
Toast with scrambled egg, avocado and a dash of hot sauce
My chocolate vegan shakeology….seriously tastes like a chocolate shake…and I would  NOT say that to you guys if it wasn’t true. No lie.
plain greek yogurt with a dash of granola, blueberries and cinnamon
sweet potato fries or diced roasted sweet potato’s
roasted veggies with quinoa and brown rice
spinach salad with tuna with lemon juice and olive oil

I’m also loving the workouts, and I promise I wouldn’t tell ya’ll that if I didn’t think they were good. When I finish and do a full review I’ll give you more of my thoughts on this, but for now, know that they will make you sweat!!!

IMG_2639 (1)

So eating clean.  It forces you to get creative.


It also changes your body from the inside out.  No, you will not look like Autumn at the end of 21 days. But, it’s a GREAT kick-start and it shows that getting fit and healthy doesn’t have to cost a fortune nor does it require anything but hard work and discipline, consistency and good choices.  It IS possible, but it takes time and you need to be patient.  Following this plan for 21 days and then going back to old habits won’t work. You have to learn how to fuel your body, when it’s ok to “splurge”(I hate referring to it as cheating. Because this is life we’re talking about here and you need to live it. But rein it in and keep it out of your life for a while, or for good, if it becomes a habit you feel you can’t kick). Enjoy some cookies now(in moderation) and then but I promise by sticking primarily to a clean diet and pushing yourself in your workouts, you’ll get results. It won’t be overnight and it won’t come without some sweat and self-control, but it WILL come.  Ok, enough of that for today.

Stay tuned for this week’s Friday Favorites….I’ll be giving away lots of fun stuff to celebrate the blog’s two-year anniversary!!!!  I can’t believe it’s been 2 years!!!! Time flies when you are doing something you love. I’m beyond thankful for this blog and what it’s taught me. I’m thankful for you reader’s who keep me coming back, and who keep coming back to read even when my life is nuts and I don’t have a lot of time to post. So thank you!!!!!! Have a great Wednesday!!!