The Kitchen Table

Nine years ago we moved into our second home, and Rob’s parents gave us a kitchen table for our house-warming gift. It was our first real adult piece of furniture, from a real live furniture store that did not include Pier One.¬† We’d spent the first few years of marriage poor as dirt, and the […]



Goals……ahhhh!! Seriously, what in the world?!? Lately I’ve been wrestling with this whole, “what in the world is wrong with me and why can’t I climb out of this rut?” thing. My sweet friend Katie over at Katiesfitscript echo’s my sentiments often. I read one of her posts last week about injuries, and while my […]

2017: The Year of Surprising Goals

I got up early this morning to run. But currently, I’m sitting on my couch, in front of the warm¬†fire-place, dressed and ready to brave the cold, with my coffee and my laptop. Not exactly running. And it’s January 2nd, which basically means I should be at the height of motivation, right? I know I’ll […]