On Blogging, Easter Weekend, and Run streakin

On Blogging(or lack thereof)  Hello and happy Tuesday!  I’ve missed blogging the past couple of weeks!!! My computer has been more in the Netflix for Lila mode lately.  I have always had a goal of two or three posts per week, which I’ve basically stuck to in the almost two years I’ve had the blog…..until […]

On Cruises and Girls Trips

On Cruisin…. So….we didn’t sink!!!! I know I keep saying that but you guys, did you see the video of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship that went into the hurricane? Yea, it’ll make you want to stay on land(FOREVER) or have a panic attack or throw the freak up.   But life is too short to […]

When Your Season Doesn’t Involve Sports Bra Selfies and Ultra Marathon’s

I’ve had a lot on my mind lately.  Today, in an effort to digest and purge, I pulled out my lap top instead of my journal.  Still unsure if it’s the right call, as I truly believe some things should remain private and sacred and true only for you and those closest to you.  And […]

A Quick Update on Life Lately…from the Boat!

Hello ya’ll!!! Long time no….see?  Not sure how else to say that.  I’ve missed writing this week!!!! Last weekend Rob and I snuck away to Laguna Beach for an awards ceremony for Rob.  We got to stay at the Ritz and it was seriously so much fun. We ate good food(way too much of it) […]

Friday Favorites: 25% off Athleta Friends and Family!!!!!!!!

You guys.  I will get to the 25% details…….but first.  I just feel like I need to jump right in by telling you that yesterday brought me a straight up spray tan.  And not just any spray tan, an AIRBRUSH tan. Meaning you stand in a booth stripped down “to your comfortable” and a girl half […]