Friday Faves and a Weekend Dash to Tennessee

Good morning and happy Friday!! This week flew by and this morning I’m loading the kids up and heading to Tennessee to see my family for the weekend.  My mom is turning 60 so we’re throwing her a party.  So, no time to chit-chat as I have boot camp to teach and an 8 hour […]


Gather round close running friends.  We have some things to discuss that need to be brought out in the open.  We need to air out our hidden secrets.  Because the longer I’m immersed in this particular sport, the more I realize one truth…… Runners are gross.

Friday Favorites!!

  Hey guys! Happy Friday!  I don’t know about you, but this week has been intense. I’m looking ahead to Spring sports and activities and am absolutely convinced that it might just kill me, or turn my hair pre-maturely gray.  I absolutely may not survive to see my children reach middle school.  As they get […]

When High Mileage Has to Go

So I have this situation with my running.  I’ve cut back on my mileage……big time.  Gasp.  I know.  I was running 50+ miles a week for a good portion of last year.  Why the decrease? Glad you asked. It’s simple.  I don’t have time. 

A Quick Update…and My Stroke Story Over on Women’s Running

Hello and happy Wednesday! I’ve missed being posting these past few days and hope you guys are doing awesome.  I’ve taken a bit of a step back this week from the blogging/social media world.  Not a big deal really, just needed some time to focus on my heart and mind and family.  I needed a […]