Dream Big

A friend recently asked me (over cheese steaks by the way…which are entirely too messy to answer a really serious question while eating) a really simple yet very pointed question that rocked my world a bit.

5 Things To Know Before Running Your First Half Marathon

 professional image courtesy of EmilyMeganPhotography So.  You want to run a half marathon?  You’ve come to the right place.  I love the half.  It’s the perfect compromise between challenge and trainability.  It’s a big enough accomplishment to leave you feeling like you totally rocked something hard, yet it’s still short enough that it’s manageable to train […]

Marathon Monday: From the Firefighters Perspective

Happy Monday!!!! I want to start real quick by thanking everyone who entered the Stella and Dot giveaway! Seriously, you ladies are amazing and I would make you all winners if I could!! So thanks for taking the time to make this giveaway so fun.  Reading all your comments made my weekend! Stay tuned at […]

Friday Faves: A Stella and Dot Giveaway!!!!!!

Happy Friday!!!!!!  I’m so stoked about today because we get to do another Stella and Dot Giveaway!!  But first….a few of my faves from the week.  Don’t go anywhere!!!!!!

Life After Your Marathon: What Do You Do Next?

A marathon(or any long distance race) is a big deal.  It takes months of training and focus and attention. It takes sacrifice and early bed times on Friday nights.  Time away from family and friends and long hard runs before the world wakes up.  It takes a lot.  But it also gives a lot right […]