Do Your Thing…Not Hers

  So this is what’s been on my mind….. Since I became a trainer, I’m even more emersed in the fitness industry than I was before.  Which I happen to love. However, I am constantly faced with what everyone else is doing, as we all are in our respected fields,  thanks in a large part to […]

Weekend Recap and Training Update…..

I know the title of this post has you on the edge of your seats.  Truly.  They say one of the best ways to get more traffic to your blog is through your titles.  Not today. I’ve had a little stomach bug and I feel like I’m getting a cold so my creative wheels aren’t […]

That Day I Gave Away My Kids Guinea Pigs

So. 5 months ago my Facebook feed was flooded with all the momma’s commenting about my moment of crazy.  It was the day I went to Petsmart for dog food and a turtle and came home with 2 guinea pigs.  Because apparently they don’t sell those super cute baby turtles because those super cute baby […]

The Most Eventful Long Run Ever

It’s been quite an eventful week already.  And it’s only Tuesday.  Many things to tell and fill you in on but first, the long run. Sunday was our last long run before the Chicago Marathon.  Gasp.  I honestly can not even believe we’re only 3 weeks away.  Candace made a good point about the difference […]

For the Love: On Quirks

  It’s no secret that I love me some Jen Hatmaker.  I think it’s because every time I pick up one of her books I find myself relating to a lot of what she has to say, and to who she is.  We’re a lot alike me and Jen.  Seriously.  Not in a creepy stalker […]