Happy Friyay!!  The boys are back in school, oh happy day.  I know.  I’ve said this at the beginning of every post this week, but it’s true.   I miss them but man, they needed to vacate the premises.   Now I have a little princess tom boy running around in her Elsa dress with […]

Deep(ish) Thoughts From For the Love: On Mom Guilt

Fair warning….this is NOT a running or fitness post.  Ya’ll know I love to just write sometimes and take a break from fitness stuff and chat about real life.  It’s like a safe place to come when I need to talk things out.  I’m reading For the Love by Jen Hatmaker.  It’s just too good not […]

And They’re Off to School!!!!!! Plus an update on that marathon thing I’m supposed to run…

  You guys.  For those that don’t know, I threw up my white flag last week.  Summer won.  I caved and rolled over and said yes to everything.  And today, they went to school!!  I love my kids.  I LOVE Summer but there comes a point in every summer break, usually the last week for […]

Things I’m Loving Lately

    You guys.  Can I just tell you how much I have stunk at blogging this week.  I’m blaming the final week of summer crazies.  When I say crazies, I mean CRAZIES.  You know when puppies all of a sudden get this psycho burst of energy and go from laying around doing nothing to […]

Marathon Monday: Week 10 Recap and Why My Brain Isn’t In This

Last week was rough from a training perspective.  What was supposed to be a 46 mile week was nowhere near.  Like, nowhere.  It’s painful to think about actually. I managed 4 runs and I completed my long run, tempo run and speed work day and even threw in a crazy hilly route on my tempo […]