Happy Friday!!!  I’m taking a little break from my usual Friday post to head on over to Missional Motherhood as the guest blogger for today.  Hope you’ll click on the link here and go check it out!!  Happy Friday ya’ll and I’ll see you back here on Monday!!!

To the Mom Who Forgets Stuff

Ok ya’ll.  We need to chat about some major life issues.  I mean come on.  I feel like I should start like this… Hi, I’m Kelly.  And I forget stuff.

Marathon Monday: First double digit run in a LONG TIME….

Happy Monday!!  I have officially crossed over into double digit marathon training territory.  I can’t tell you the last time I had a double digit run.  Probably April? Maybe.  I’m honestly not even sure I’ve had one since the Dallas Marathon last December.  In 2014 I ran two full marathons in an 8 month time […]


Happy Friday!!!  Doing things a little different this week and in leu of Friday Favorites I’m changing it up just a little.  Every Friday I’ll give you my top favorite…

No gym? No prob

This past Spring,  as Summer was approaching, I decided I wanted a summer without having to get to the gym every morning with my kids.  They’re older now and I don’t feel like they need the play time the same way they did when they were younger.  They have play dates and friends over all […]