Marathon Monday: Going Back To Work and Lila’s 3rd Birthday

  So.  This past week I started my new job.  It was a little surreal at times.  It’s not a huge time commitment as far as time away from home.  But it’s an adjustment.  I’m teaching 3 times a week at 8pm.  So, I’m leaving at bedtime.  Lila cried every night and each time my […]

5 Summer Staples To Keep You Happy, Full, and Trim

So Summer is in full swing here in Texas.  It’s hot.  And humid.  And my kids are already bored by noon if we can’t go swimming.  So, we’re getting creative. Or trying to be.  If your reality looks anything like mine, you have requests for slurpees, popsicles, Sonic, ice cream, food at the cafe by […]

Marathon Monday: Vacation Detox

Hello!!!   We’re back from the beach and back to real life.  It’s officially week 2 of marathon training.  Week one occurred while I was chilling at the beach.  If you can call corralling 6 kids on the beach, sunscreening, keeping little people from being carried out to sea, avoiding dangerous sea life, swimming, wave […]

Marathon Monday: Vacation edition

  Hello from Seagrove!!! The four of us(the other fam we go with) are sitting in chairs by the pool while the kids play, Lila naps and music plays.  We have six kids between the two families.  We have to get to any dining establishment besides a Chick Fil A by 5pm if we don’t […]

Friday Favorites: Summer lovin

  People.  What a week.  Baseball and end of season parties and more baseball and packing and summer adjustment’s and no schedule and errands.  Let’s put it this way.  My two oldest ate dinner in their room’s tonight after they had their xbox taken away…. FOR THE ENTIRE SUMMER.