When your kid learns the F word…

    Josh got in the car after school like any other day.  We all talk over each other on the drive home, with 3 kids, it’s bound to happen.  They both tell me about their days…at the same time.  We work on taking turns to speak and I work on active listening and not […]

Marathon Monday: Base Training Blues

    I can’t believe I just wrote marathon monday in a post title.  Didn’t I swear up and down that I wasn’t going to run a full this year?  Yes, yes I did.  And here I sit.  At a point where I should be consistently running and training in preparation for the Chicago Marathon, […]

Friday Favorites: Spain Recap

HELLO!!!!! Happy Friday and it is SOOOO great to be back!!!  I missed writing and sharing while we were away but honestly, being in the middle of the Mediterranean with no access to social media or email was fantastic.  A little weird, but fantastic.  I’m so home too.  Lila is in my room on my […]

Spain is here!!

So I’ve been meaning to get around to posting so many times the past few days.  It obviously didn’t happen.  So, I’m throwing a little farewell post out there this morning as we get ready to head for the airport in a little bit. I’ll try to post some while we’re away but I’m also trying […]

Friday Favorites: Mother’s Day Edition

  Happy Friday momma’s!!  It’s Mother’s Day weekend and we leave for Spain on Tuesday.  Do you know what this means?  It means I didn’t make an appointment for a mani/pedi because I always just walk in…but it’s MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND!!! Surely there is a nail establishment in my town that won’t be filled to […]