All Spent Up: My Journey to Hope Spoken

  This weekend I had the privilege of going to the Hope Spoken women’s conference in Dallas.  My pal(she has always called friends her pal…and I love I stole it.  Love you Em) bought the tickets a year ago and I honestly had totally taken it off my radar.  Life gets busy ya know?  I […]

Friday Favorites..with a twist

  I’m taking a turn from Friday Favorites this week.  I’m turning it into Friday’s things I can’t stand. Just for this week.  Sometimes you just need to vent about the stupid things that annoy, scare, or bother you.  This week has been a doosy.  I think I have an ulcer, like for real, and […]

Mean Girls

Lila has officially hit a new stage.  It’s an all new level of toddler I never knew existed after only having boys.  All of a sudden, she has ATTITUDE.   She goes from sweet and funny,  genuine and kind….to strong willed and determined, mean and sassy.  I’m not saying my toddler is mean.  But I kind of […]

Arms all day

Hello Tuesday!  It’s sunny and gorgeous here in Texas this week.  It makes me want to move outside and camp in my back yard.  I also switched the blog over to WordPress!!  So, I hope this post makes it to you ha!! Not a CLUE what I’m doing so hang with me as I work […]

Under Construction!!!

Hi ya’ll! As you may be able to tell I have switched my blog over to WordPress!! I’m so excited, but I have no clue what I’m doing!! So, be patient with me as I figure out how to navigate and post.  I’ll be adding things a little at a time as I get more […]