Friday Favorites: Ice days, giveaway preview, and Mani/Pedi’s!

So a lot has happened this week.  At the top of the list….this…  If there was ever a week I needed an extremely unhealthy pick me up, it was this one.  An entire case of girl scout cookies, thanks to my husband.  Then, he goes to work and leaves me at home with them.  During […]

NASM CPT 4 Exam…I passed!!!!!!!

Ya’ll!!  The day is here and my exam is OVER.  I passed!!!!!  So,  I’m blogging today as more of an update, and less as an informational post.  I made notes all over my study guide as soon as I got home, so I’ll get you a more detailed post about how to study and prepare […]

Ice day, note cards, and my fave workout from last week

Well, happy Monday.  It’s currently sleeting here and the kids are out of school for the day.  It’s 6:45 and everyone is up and Lila is sitting on my lap.  I know we can’t complain because this is our first “snow” day and our weather has been pretty awesome lately.  It stinks though because we […]

Friday Faves: PrAna Review and discount code!!!

PrAna Clothing for people who live life fully, play long, and travel well. Life fully.  Play long.  Travel well.  All things that I’m sort of really passionate about.   Today I’m dedicating Friday Favorites to one thing…PrAna.  It’s a new yoga/workout company to me that I’ve had the privilege of working with this month.  Ya’ll know […]

Real Life Wednesdays: The Comparison Game

I’ve had a little bit of a struggle lately.  I’ve struggled with how to combine my love of fitness and my deep and insane desire to talk to you about things that are real and true to life.  Not that fitness isn’t real and true to life, it’s a deeply rooted passion of mine.  But, […]