Friday Favorites

Because I know you expect nothing less, today’s favorites are completely random.  I’d hate to actually have a theme and throw you for a curve.  So let’s rock some Friday favorites shall we?? Mellow Mushroom pizza Because this is my last day on Whole30..and I’ve basically been hungry for 30 days straight.  Kidding.  Sort of. […]

Let’s All Be Real

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about what it means to be real.   Maybe it’s my old age.  Maybe it’s being a mom and knowing the real dirty truth about what life at home with little people looks like.  Maybe it’s my obsession with running clothes and less makeup and comfort with a side […]

Wordless Wednesday: Playin

Because some days are just hard and need a little playin….. Happy Wednesday friends

Move it Monday: Gigabody Giveaway!!!!!

IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME!!!!! Ok, if you have followed me the past month or so via the blog or social media, you know I have had my fair share of sickie’s in my house.  I’ve been a little stuck at home and have been completely out of my gym/running routine.  To keep all my crazy from […]

Hill Fartleks and Progression Runs

If you’re like me, you may get bored with just heading out the door and running with no real goal or intention.  Sometimes, this is just what the doctor ordered, other times you need a change or a challenge, or both.  Here are two workouts that do the trick.   Hill Fartleks I have talked […]