Wordless Wednesday: GoPro fun

So I was challenged recently by a friend, who happens to be an amazing photographer by the way, to try Worldless Wednesdays.  Eeek.  It’s basically a way to show some great images and not clog it up with words.  Sometimes less is more and it’s ok to let the pictures speak for themselves.  However, this […]

Move It Monday: Goal Setting

So now that the marathon is over, I’ve been trying to think of something kinda fun for Monday’s in lieu of Marathon Monday.  I’ll still be racing over the next few months and training for some shorter distances.  I have goals.  Monday’s will be our little training session.  We’ll talk fitness routines, review my workouts […]

Christmas 2015

Merry couple days after Christmas!!  Hope ya’ll had an awesome time this week with your families.  I’ve been a little MIA with my blogging this week.  I’ve been slightly buried under piles of laundry, wrapping paper, tamiflu and the Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls….holy yum.  Be warned.  This recipe makes 123,987 cinnamon rolls.  You will be […]

My Christmas Wish List!!!

It’s Christmas Eve..YAY!!!!!  This is without a doubt my favorite time of year.  I’m really nostalgic.  I love the music and the trees and the lights and the gifting and the food.  I love everything about Christmas.  My kids are getting a new XBox this year.   I’m fairly certain I will hate life in […]

Review of the Hanson’s Marathon Method

For the past 5 months I’ve been training for the Dallas Marathon using the Hanson Marathon Method.  I first picked up this book over the summer after seeing it floating around social media.  I had seen several runner’s that I “know” and respect as runner’s using it and it peaked my interest to say the […]