Marathon Monday: Hanson’s Method Week #7

Hello Monday.  Hope ya’ll had an awesome weekend.  It’s time for a little recap of my week in training.  Ya’ll know I try to be as honest as humanly possible so if I’m being brutally honest, I’m exhausted.  There were times this week I wanted to quit this whole process,  run a 5k and call […]

This Week in My Kitchen: Dinner club!!!

Happy Friday!! It’s already 1:30 in the afternoon!!  I’m posting later than ususal today because I slept in a little.  And by a little I mean 6:30.  Yesterday was long and emotional and tiring and it started with a 5am wake up call to run so I could spend the day cleaning my house.  Aren’t […]

Redman 70.3 race recap

Ok.  I’m recapping a race I didn’t run.  But that’s ok right?  I was there, that counts.  Last summer this was my husband’s first 70.3 distance.  He decided to tackle it again this year.  Last year I was fortunate enough to have an amazing friend and momma of 4 offer to keep our kids so […]

Marathon Monday: Hansons Method Week #6

Good morning! This is my new mantra.  I’m not a mantra person, but I have a feeling this training plan will push me to new heights, including things I have to scream at myself while I’m running.  I’m a little tired and I still have a run to knock out this morning before the kids […]

Racing and My Family

I am so excited about today’s post!  Yesterday we talked about racing and marriage and how juggling both can be challenging…but not an impossibility.  Today we’re going to carry over this theme and I’ve asked my sweet friend Shanna to pop in and share a bit about her life and how she manages to stay […]