Hood to Coast: A recap in pictures

I’ve been working since we got back to put together my recap for Hood to Coast.  I wanted to do something a little different.  I had grand plans.  I was going to give you a slideshow…with awesome music.  Then I realized I could get sued, or thrown in jail, or fined up to 250,000 for […]

A lesson from Hood To Coast

So I’ve been struggling a bit lately switching gears.  All summer I’ve been in maintenence mode with my running.  Now I need to be in racing/marathon training mode and I haven’t been able to get there.  Then, we went to Oregon to run Hood to Coast.  The most fun I have ever had in a […]

Summer glimpse…Part 2

Hello!  So we’re back from Hood To Coast and I’m working on some posts….about running and such.  Hang with me.  School started and life has been a little hectic.  I realized my summer glimpse part 2 didn’t post while I was gone and since my computer decided to hate me this morning I wasn’t able […]

Flying the Coop

Hi! So, today is a special day.  Josh, my middle guy, starts Kindergarten today.  Insert ugly cry mixed with emotions of elation and joy, sadness and anxiousness….and pure exhaustion from our weekend.  That’s what I feel today.  It’s time for these kids to be back in school.   Period.  However,  I’m losing my boy.  So […]

A Glimpse into our Summer..Part 1

Happy Thursday!!  So this week I’m taking a break from my This Week in My Kitchen post because we’re headed to Oregon today for Hood to Coast.  This week was crazy.  Like really,  it’s been a spaghetti and PB&J kinda week. SOooooo, I thought since summer is winding down I’d give you a little glimpse […]