Running Pains: 5 steps to ease your discomfort

       Injury.  I know a thing or two about this.  I wish I didn’t.  I wish I was writing this having completely avoided this frustrating issue, but I’m not.  Thus, why I’m able to give you some advice.  This is a picture of me after knee surgery last August.  I had struggled with […]

Redhead Confessions

      So my friend Michele over at Paleorunningmomma posted some confessions yesterday and I LOVED it!  So, I swiped the idea but I want you to pop on over to her blog and read hers too.  Just click here Promise?  Ok here we go, time to divulge…* I listen to pitbull when I run.  This […]

Must Have Monday…..Tanks and a great cause!!!

     Happy Monday!! This week I’m chatting about tanks…and tops.  Mostly tanks.  I have one very special top to talk about today that is for an amazing cause…more on that in a sec.  I love these ten commandments for runners.  Today, we’ll focus on #7.  When I first started running I would run in […]

This Week in My Kitchen

                                            Ok ya’ll.  This week in my kitchen the pickings were slim.  We were out of town through Tuesday evening so that night’s dinner consisted of…..Chick fi la.  I give the people what they want. […]

Lake Recap Part 2….exercise?

           When I head out of town I always have to think ahead to what my workouts will be while I’m gone.  No, I’m not sick.  I just like to plan out something just in case it actually works out.  The past two trips I’ve taken without my hubby, which means […]