10 Things The Runner Me Can’t Live Without

I’m sort of a creature of habit.  When I run or workout, I must have the same thing before each workout. Period.  I do not deviate.  I’m ridiculously sensitive to smells and all the feels.  It’s dumb.  And my oldest inherited my lameness which is just loads of fun.  Long itchy sleeves, bunchy socks, laces that are too tight.  You name it.  We’re a messed up bunch.  So, as a runner and mover I have certain things that I can’t live without.  Life isn’t worth living if you don’t have good socks.  So, here is my list of go to’s for your Wednesday……

honey stinger waffles


These are my FAVORITE.  Lather them with peanut butter or any type of nut butter and you have some lasting energy without jitters from too much sugar or caffeine.  They are certified organic, dairy free and nut free.  Plus they taste amazing.  You’re welcome.  They also come in a gluten-free option.



I run outside a lot.  I also listen to a LOT of music.  I don’t only run.  I do other things too and music is a staple in my day.  I’m sitting in Starbucks with music blasting in my ears.  It’s my thing.  So, I need ear buds that can withstand runs in 20 mph winds or just jamming with my coffee.  These are my favorite. They stay put and trust me, I’ve put them to the test.

my hats

I have a hat addiction.





Some of my favorites include Betty Designs and Boco Gear as well as Running For Those Who Can’t which I don’t have pictured but LOVE their hats and their cause.


I think this goes without saying?  It’s delicious and wonderful and makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside, so in my book that makes it a keeper.  That is all.  img_5775


balega socks


As I said earlier, I’m picky about stuff.  If it doesn’t feel just right, I’m out.  So, I’ve tried about a million different types of socks.  Balega is perfect for me.  They aren’t too thick or too thin.  I know you know what’s coming next……they’re just right.  I can wear them in the Summer or the Winter and my feet are happy.  Winning.


IMG_4192 (1)

As picky as I am about socks, I’m even pickier about shoes.  I sort have a shoe obsession too I guess.  I love the bright new colors and newest trends in running shoes, so I get sucked in by ALL OF THEM.  But, I always come back to my first love, Sauconys.  I have a wider foot in the toe box so I can’t do anything that is too narrow.  I also need a good neutral shoe and Saucony provides so many options for what I need. Wether it’s speed work or long distance running, they have it all.  And they just fit my foot like a glove.



I know.  Dumb.  But not? I mean, life is short right?  I just love a good burger and as a runner, I burn a lot of calories(most of the time).  A good burger is in order every once in a while to keep me feeling human and enjoying the tastes of life.  Cheesy yes…..but delicious.  If I could choose my last dying meal….it would be a burger and fries.  Just sayin.


You know all that music I need the ear buds for?  It comes from Spotify.  I freaking love Spotify.  It’s easy to navigate, affordable($9.99/month for the premium) and has more music than I could ever ask for.  I have the premium and have gotten my money’s worth and more out of it.  Basically the difference is with the premium you can skip songs, replay songs and you have unlimited options.  If you spend more than $10 a month on music, this is the way to go.

My Gopro


So I’ve talked about my Gopro before but it’s honestly one of my favorite things.  I have used it for so much more than running.  Beach, mountains, skiing, swimming, races, kids in the yard, sports.  You name it.










4 breezy, beautiful, hilly miles today. Seriously Dallas, you outdid yourself on the weather today. It was the stuff running dreams are made of. 4 progressive miles with hill fartleks. Increase your speed on the uphill, slow down and recover on the downhill. Great way to build power and strength. Stay tuned for a little YouTube video(is that even a thing you care to see? I need your feedback because seriously, YouTube is new territory) of my post run 10 min strength routine for all you busy runners who struggle to find time for strength training. All you need is 10 minutes and a park bench.....#gopro #run #runfar #halfmarathontraining #halfmarathon #rnrsa #rockandrollsanantonio #saucony #triumph #justrun #beconsistent #hardworkpaysoff #goprorunner #womensrunningcommunity #goprooftheday #sweatpink #fitfluential



This is something that I have also gotten my money’s worth out of over the years and it is so much fun to play with!!!  I absolutely love great pictures and fully believe in making memories through them, so this was a great purchase for me.  It suits our life pretty perfectly.

My Garmin


I love stats.  I love to know how far I went, how fast, my total time, my steps for the day etc.  I have to be careful not to get too caught up in numbers, but it is sorta fun to track progress.  I’ve had two Garmin’s, my first being the Forerunner 910xt.  My husband recently got me the Fenix 3 and I am IN LOVE.  I love that I can wear it all the time and it looks cute.  You wouldn’t necessarily know it was an exercise watch at first glance, I guess apart from its size.  It’s a little large, but I love it.  It tracks everything and syncs to my phone.  It has been an awesome purchase!

So there you have it.  My favorite running go to items.  I have purchased these things over time.  When I first started out I had a cheap pair of running shoes, some tank tops and some old school Nike shorts. And I was perfectly happy.  Over the years my running collection has grown as has my experience and desire to try new things, partly so I can tell you all about them!!! Happy Wednesday!!!

What are some things your runner self can’t live without???