Accepting Our “Seasons” as Good

I’m sitting on my bed eating a chocolate chip cookie covered in peanut butter… lie, and drinking a very large cup of coffee. I was up a good portion of the night with Lila, who I’m pretty sure has a nasty ear infection that I’ve been letting her live with for days. I have given […]

Protein Bites, Sky Ranch and My Favorite Leg Day Moves!

Lots going on in our neck of the woods. This is certainly not going to be a calm and relaxed Summer for our little fam.  Jake went to Sky Ranch last week and I went and picked him up on Sunday.  He had an absolute BLAST, and according to him, it was a 9.5 out […]

Weekend Recap and a Tuesday Workout

This weekend was INSANE.  It was one of those weekends where nothing stopped until we got in bed Sunday night,  completely exhausted.  But it was so good. *photo courtesy of Brooke Richardson Photography Josh, our middle son, and his team the Cardinals played in the post season tournament this weekend. They played the undefeated team […]

Friday Faves

Hello Friday! I’m finally starting to get into the Summer groove where every day doesn’t feel like Saturday. This week we nailed down a cleaning rhythm(house for sale means daily cleaning before we can leave the house in case we have a showing), a screen time policy(enforcing this may be my death), and an afternoon […]

21 Day Fix Review and Results

21 days.  It felt like such a long time at the beginning, and that’s after having done Whole 30 twice.  I’m not a “diet” person.  I don’t like feeling(or being told for that matter) that there are certain things that I’m just not “allowed” to eat.  I like being in control and I feel as though, […]